Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Members



MINUTES of the Annual Meeting of the Members of District 2 of the American Contract Bridge League held at the Doubletree by Hilton, 655 Dixon Road, Toronto, Ontario on Saturday, April 3, 2010 at 9:30 a.m.




REPRESENTING Ontario Unit 166:  Joan Richardson, Sally Rewbotham


REPRESENTING Manitoba Unit 181:  Shirley Galler, Doug Fisher


REPRESENTING Sault International Unit 282:  David Chiasson, Gunnar Kristiansen


REPRESENTING Northwest Ontario Unit 228:  no reps


REPRESENTING Quonta Unit 238:  Marc Langevin


REPRESENTING Trent Valley Unit 246:  Nicholas Wong, Don Lough, Robert Hanly


REPRESENTING Southwestern Ontario Unit 249:  Robert Burns, Pat Simpson



being a quorum of the Members of the Corporation.  


Also present:  Gary Westfall, Auditor



The President, Joan Richardson, took the Chair and Flo Belford acted as Secretary of the meeting.


A quorum of Members of the Corporation being represented by Proxy and all of the Members, all of the Directors and the Corporation’s auditor having waived notice of meeting, the Chair declared the meeting regularly constituted. 



1.  Minutes of Last Meeting


Motion by Nicholas Wong, seconded by David Chiasson,

That the minutes of the meeting of Members held on April 11, 2009 be approved.






Business Arising from the Minutes


Thunder Bay Unit 212 does not want to host the 2011 regional tournament they were allocated.  Sudbury Unit 238 would like to host this regional.


Motion by Nicholas Wong, seconded by Doug Chiasson

That the Thunder Bay Unit 212 regional in 2011 be awarded to Sudbury Unit 238.




2.  Financial Statements


Gary Westfall, Auditor presented the Financial Report as at December 31, 2009. 


Motion by Nicholas Wong, seconded by Robert Burns,

That we dispense with the reading of the auditor’s letter. 



Motion by David Chiasson, seconded by Marc Langevin,

That the statement of financial position of the Corporation as at December 31, 2009,  the statement of income and expenses and net assets, and cash flows for the year ended on the said date be and the same are hereby approved and adopted. 




3.  Election of Directors


Joan Richardson, Chair declared the meeting open for nominations.


Motion by Nicholas Wong, seconded by Shirley Galler,

That I nominate as directors for the ensuring year:


Sally Rewbotham                               Carol Bongard

Joan Richardson                                Lorna Johnson

Douglas Fisher                                   Shirley Galler

Roman Smolski                                  Jane Smith

David Chiasson                                  Gunnar Kristiansen

Larry Hansen                                     Francis Gaudino

Brian Thomas`                                   Marc Langevin

Nicholas Wong                                   Don Lough

Robert Hanly                                      Pat Simpson

Robert Burns                                      Tom Ramsey


There being no further or other nominations, the Chair declared the nominations closed.  No member having demanded a ballot, the Chair, with the approval of the meeting, declared those nominated to be elected by acclamation as directors of the Corporation, to hold office until the next annual election of directors and until their successors are elected or appointed, subject to the provisions of the Corporation’s by-laws. 



4.  Appointment of Auditor


Motion by David Chiasson, seconded by Nicholas Wong,

That G. J. Westfall, C.A. be and he is hereby appointed auditor of the Corporation to hold office until the next annual meeting of Members at such remuneration as may be fixed by the directors and the directors be and they are hereby authorized to fix such remuneration. 




5.  President’s Report


Joan Richardson thanked everyone for allowing her to remain President for this past year.  She encouraged the members to work as a team. 



6.  Confirmation of Proceedings


Motion by Robert Burns, seconded by Marc Langevin,

That all by-laws, contracts, acts, and proceedings of the board of directors of the Corporation enacted, passed, made, done, or taken since the last annual meeting of the members as set forth or referred to in the minutes of the meetings of the board of directors (which have been produced to this meeting for inspection) or in the financial statements of the Corporation submitted to this meeting, be and the same are hereby approved, ratified, and confirmed.




There being no further business the meeting then terminated.





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Chairperson                                                                 Secretary of the Meeting