Minutes of a General Meeting of the Board of Directors (2nd revision)



MINUTES of a general meeting of the Board of Directors of District 2 of the American Contract Bridge League held at the Doubletree by Hilton – Toronto, Airport, 655 Dixon Road, Toronto, Ontario on April 3, 2010.


PRESENT:                  Sally Rewbotham                    Carol Bongard

                                    Joan Richardson                      Lorna Johnson

                                    Douglas Fisher                        Shirley Galler

                                    David Chiasson                       Gunnar Kristiansen

                                    Larry Hansen                          Francis Gaudino

                                    Brian Thomas                          Marc Langevin

                                    Nicholas Wong                       Don Lough

                                    Robert Hanly                          Pat Simpson

                                    Robert Burns                           Tom Ramsey


Being a quorum of Directors of the Corporation,


And                             Paul Janicki, ACBL Director for District 2

                                    Gary Westfall, Auditor

                                    Nader Hanna, CBF Zone III Director

                                    David Cohen, GNT and NAP Coordinator

                                    Paul Cronin, District 2 Recorder

                                    Flo Belford, Educational Coordinator


The President, Joan Richardson, took the Chair, and Flo Belford acted as Secretary of the meeting.


The Chair stated that as the meeting was being held immediately following the annual meeting of members, no formal notice calling the meeting was required.  A quorum of Directors being present, the Chair declared the meeting to be regularly constituted.



1.  Minutes of Last Meeting


Motion by Nicholas Wong, seconded by David Chiasson,

That the minutes of the General Meeting of Directors held on April 11, 2009 as circulated be approved.



2.  Business Arising from the Minutes


a)  Report re zero tolerance data base of offenders

Sally Rewbotham reported that legally we cannot create a data base of offenders and then share it.  Informally we can watch people.  Information can be shared if a report is filed

- 2 -


with Paul Cronin, District Recorder.    A discussion followed and the following points were made:



b)  Spread sheet for reporting tournament information

Flo Belford advised that no report was received.  Pat Simpson will follow up on this item. 



3.  Treasurer’s Report


The Treasurer’s Report was presented. 


Motion by Shirley Galler, seconded by Nicholas Wong,

That the Financial Report be accepted.



a)  2011 Budget


Shirley Galler presented the 2011 budget. 


Motion by Shirley Galler, seconded by Don Lough,

That the 2011 budget as presented be approved.




b)  Honoraria – Treasurer, Secretary


Shirley Galler and Flo Belford left the meeting. 


Motion by Nicholas Wong, seconded by Doug Chiasson,

That the Treasurer be awarded an honorarium of $600.00 for the preceding year.


The motion was amended  by Doug Chiasson, seconded by Robert Hanly

That the Treasurer be awarded an honorarium of $700.00 for the preceding year.



- 3 -


Motion by Nicholas Wong, seconded by Gunnar Kristiansen

That the Secretary be awarded an honorarium of $1500.00 for the preceding year.


The motion was amended by Don Lough, seconded by Robert Hanly,

That the Secretary be awarded an honorarium of $1600.00 for the preceding year.



Shirley Galler and Flo Belford returned to the meeting. 



4.  a)  2009 Regional Tournament Reports


The Sudbury report was received.  The Barrie, Winnipeg, and back page of the Toronto will be sent out.  The Barrie report was not available.


b)  2010 Regional Budgets


The Sault Ste. Marie, Toronto, and London reports were received.  The Winnipeg and back page of the Toronto will be sent out.   


Sally Rewbotham, Toronto Regional Chair advised that the $46,000. projected profit will be down as the number of tables, particularly the I/N players, is way down. 


Motion by Nicholas Wong, seconded by Pat Simpson

That the tournament budgets for Sault Ste. Marie, Toronto, and London be accepted as received.




Sol Weinstein, North East Field Supervisor for Tournament Directors joined the meeting to answer any questions. 


Question:  What is the process to become a tournament director?   Sol explained it is an apprentice, journeyman, master progression.  An interested person starts at the club level.

The person can then approach the tournament directors, or players can encourage prospective directors to apply.  Patti Lee is a good mentor.   The directors are then assessed as they assist at tournaments. 


Question:  How much input does Tournament Chair have in selecting DIC?  Sol responded that the Chair can request a specific DIC.


Concern:   The zero tolerance policy is not being announced before each game. 



- 4 -


Sol responded that if this is not being done, advise the DIC    Paul Cronin pointed out that ACBL has a policy that zero tolerance must be announced before each game.  Sol replied that this is for Nationals.


Concern:  Zero tolerance is not being applied by Directors.  We in District 2 want the Directors to take action.  Sol responded that this is a concern around the country. 


Concern:  The masterpoint averaging policy is not happening everywhere.  Sol responded that this is entirely a sponsor option, just like the strata levels.  



4.  Tournament Scheduling


The proposed regional tournament schedule (formula) was included in the meeting package. 


Francis Gaudino, Tournament Coordinator advised that he has a four hour rule for scheduling tournaments – the two sites must be at least a four hour drive apart.  Caledon and Parry Sound are on the same weekend because he did not realize that would create a conflict. 


He created three groups of units for the scheduling formula:

Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, North Bay

Toronto, London, Niagara

Barrie, Oshawa, Winnipeg


Unit 228 asked to be taken out of loop.  They would prefer to do a split regional with another site, ie. London, Niagara. 


Gunnar Kristiansen, Unit 212 expressed concern that the rotation in the north has Sault Ste. Marie every other year.   Francis suggested this can be worked out with the three sites.  We are simply looking at grouping the units to apply a formula for the schedule.

Further discussion will take place between the parties to agree on a schedule starting in 2014. 


Motion by Don Lough, seconded by Robert Burns,

That the proposed Regional Tournament Schedule up to and including 2013 as presented be approved.



2012 Regional Tournaments – Toronto, Oshawa, Northern Ontario, London, Bermuda




- 5 -


Motion by Nicholas Wong, seconded by Robert Burns,

That the 2013 Regional Tournaments assigned to Toronto, Sault Ste. Marie, Niagara, Trent Valley, and Bermuda be approved.




5.  North American Open Pairs, Flights A, B, and C (Non-Life Masters)


David Cohen distributed his report.  The event was held in January.  There were issues with multi sites, there was a scheduling conflict, attendance was down, duplicating instructions were not followed at one site (Winnipeg).  There was a $168.55 profit before an honorarium. 


A discussion followed.  The following points/concerns were made:



David Cohen suggested we appoint a committee to look at how to run this event in the future.  The following people offered to sit on the committee:  Robert Hanly, Marc Langevin, David Cohen.  Robert Burns (or a representative from Unit 249 volunteered to be on the committee so that Unit 249 maintained a voice.  Doug Fisher will check to see if Jerry Cohen will serve on the committee.  David will be the chair.    


David Cohen advised that he will not coordinate the event for 2010.


Motion by Nicholas Wong, seconded by Francis Gaudino,

That David Cohen be given an honorarium of $175.00 per flight (3 flights) for his work as coordinator of the NAOP events. 




14.  a)  2011 Nationals, Toronto


Sally Rewbotham, 2011 Nationals Chair asked to give her report as she had to leave the meeting.  The budget was distributed.  Sally advised that in previous years, the ACBL gave $8.00 per table, which converted into $12.00 per table with the exchange.  Now they are giving $10.50 per table, with our current exchange rate is $10.50 per table.  The costs are 31% higher, but the amount given by the ACBL is actually down.   The committee is projecting 16,000 tables.  The equal exchange rate and need of a passport could effect the attendance.  Sally will work at getting the message out about passports.  The committee has bumped the cost of food from $101,000. from previous national to $150,000.  


- 6 -


Sally advised that they need help with fundraising.  Audrey Grant waived her fee for teaching TAP this week and gave it to the Nationals.  


Sally raised the concern/question regarding D & O insurance for the signatory committee members.  Are members of the Nationals committee covered with insurance?   Joan Richardson offered to check to see if the ACBL insurance covers committee members. 


If the insurance does not cover these committee members, Sally asked if the signatory committee members could be made officers on the District Board so they would be covered.    



6.  Grand National Teams


David Cohen advised that he was pleased with the participation in Winnipeg – 18 teams.  He suggested we need to look at how we are going to run this event in the future.  


The committee looking at the NAOP events will also discuss and report on how to run the GNT events. 


David Cohen agreed to be the GNT Coordinator for next year.  The date has not been set.


Motion by Nicholas Wong, seconded by Francis Gaudino,

That David Cohen be given an honorarium of $700.00 for his work as Coordinator of the GNT events. 



David Cohen advised that most of this honorarium will be shared with Jerry Cohen in Winnipeg. 



7.  Educational Coordinator Report


Flo Belford reported that the school bridge program is doing well.  We had 79 tables at the school bridge game on Monday of this week prior to the regional starting.   Thanks to the bridge teachers, volunteers, directors, and school volunteers for making this such an exciting and successful event.



14.  Educational Foundation Report


Flo Belford advised that the Educational Foundation’s role is to provide financial support for bridge development.  She encouraged the board directors to make their unit members aware of this funding opportunity. 



- 7 -


8.  Recorder


There was no report submitted as Paul Cronin had not received any reports.  He was in attendance at the meeting, but had left before this item was addressed.



11.  CBF Report


Nader Hanna reported on the following items.




12.  ACBL District 2 Director Report


 Paul Janicki’s report was distributed.   Paul had left the meeting.



- 8 -


13.  Board of Governors Report


Flo Belford reported regarding two motions that were discussed at the Board of Governors meeting in Reno:


Both motions were defeated.



14.  b)  District Website


Joan Richardson felt that the website needs to have more information on it.  Some of the additional information that will be posted shortly:  NAP results, Board Directors’ names and e-mail addresses.  Information should be sent to David Cohen, webmaster. 

David Cohen, webmaster, advised that he is paid an honorarium by another organization to work as webmaster.  He asked that we consider this for next year.



14. c)  HST


Gary Westfall was going to attend a seminar regarding HST and report on this item, but he had left the meeting.   Rob Hanly advised that two people in his unit have information regarding HST.   Nicholas Wong advised that you need to be an incorporated non-profit organization.   Further information will be sent out to the Directors. 



14.  d)  On-Line Partnership Desk


This item was included for information.  It is being used by Unit 166 for a trial period, and the ACBL is using it currently.  Apparently there has been good feedback.



14.  f)  Number of Boards Played at Tournaments


Flo Belford will send out the District policy regarding this issue.



15.  Election of Officers for 2010-2011


Flo Belford took the Chair. 


- 9 -


Nominations for the position of President were requested. 


Motion by Rob Hanley, seconded by Gunnar Kristiansen,

That Nicholas Wong be nominated for the position of President.


Nominations for President were closed.



Nicholas Wong was declared President.


Nominations for the position of Vice-President were requested.


Motion by Rob Hanly, seconded by Shirley Galler,

That Brian Thomas be nominated for the position of Vice-President.


Nominations for the position of Vice-President were closed. 


Brian Thomas was declared Vice-President.


Nominations for the position of Treasurer were requested.


Motion by Nicholas Wong, seconded by Larry Hansen,

That Shirley Galler be nominated for the position of Treasurer.


Nominations were closed.


Shirley Galler was declared Treasurer.



16.  Appointment of Executive Committee


The following Directors were appointed to the Executive Committee:  Joan Richardson, Brian Thomas, Pat Simpson, David Chiassen, Shirley Galler, and Nicholas Wong.



17.  Appointment of Planning Committee


The Executive Committee members will also sit on the Planning Committee.



18.  Appointment  of:     Appellate Chairman – Nicholas will follow up on this

                                          Disciplinary Chairman – Nicholas will ask David Bryce


- 10 -


19.  Appointment of:       Educational Liaison:  Flo Belford

                                           Recorder – Paul Cronin

                                           Secretary – Flo Belford

                                           Tournament Coordinator – Francis Gaudino


20.  Other Business


Rob Hanly asked why we only meet once a year.  The response was that travel costs would make it very expensive to have an additional meeting.


Flo Belford will send the agenda and information out well ahead of time next year so the Directors have an opportunity to read and discuss/question any items of concern.

The suggestion was made to put a chat forum on the website so issues can be discussed prior to the meeting. 


Robert Burns expressed concern that the STAC requires a non-playing director when the table count reaches 17-l/2 tables or 2 or more sessions.  Concern that a game might have to cancelled because they did not have a non-playing director.  This item should be addressed to Paul Janicki, and the ACBL. 


There was concern over Sally Rewbotham’s (NABC Chair) request to have the National’s signatory committee members added to the District 2 officers for insurance purposes.  Suggestion was made that the National’s Committee could ask the ACBL to put a rider on their insurance.   Could Unit 166 add these people to their board?  District 2 has no control over the NABC, Unit 166 is running it. 


On a motion by Rob Hanly, seconded by Robert Burns,

That the District 2 Board of Directors rejects the application by the NABC Committee for special executive committee placement of  the signatory committee members on the District 2 Board for the purpose of insurance. 



Question – should each unit share their meeting minutes with the other units in the District.  Response was no, this is not necessary.



20.  Date of next meeting


Saturday, April 23, 2011


There being no further business, the meeting then terminated.